Panel discussion: The portfolio approach to managing complex payment integrity programs

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As healthcare costs rise and the demands for cost savings increase, payment integrity programs have become increasingly more layered and complex. Only by implementing a true enterprise strategy and removing silos between internal teams and vendors can payers lower administrative burden and maximize the ROI of their payment integrity programs. In this lively session, our panelists will discuss how to address the technical, clinical, and organizational challenges of an integrated program to reap the best possible rewards.

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  • How to consolidate payment integrity solutions to optimize savings and reduce administrative burden
  • An enterprise approach to file data transfer, medical record retrieval, and reporting
  • Best practices in process and workflow from Cotiviti clients with robust programs in place

Register for part two of the series – a panel discussion on payment integrity
Join us on September 15 for part two of our series. The upcoming panel discussion will feature subject matters experts as they share their prepay and postpay perspectives and real-world experiences from the market.




Jordan Bazinsky
Executive Vice President, Operations

Jordan is responsible for the growth and operations of Cotiviti’s payment integrity solutions including Clinical Chart Validation, Coordination of Benefits, Contract Compliance, and Data Mining. In this capacity, he is entrusted with ensuring that Cotiviti’s vision aligns with our clients and the broader marketplace. He is committed to advancing our clients’ goals through solutions that empower their success in an ever-evolving healthcare landscape.





Naomi Murphy, J.D.
Senior Vice President, Coordination of Benefits

Naomi Murphy oversees operations for Cotiviti’s prospective and retrospective COB Validation solutions. As a tenured member of our COB team, Naomi has valuable hands-on, day-to-day experience with Cotiviti’s portfolio of COB clients.




Mike Jablon
Vice President, Product Management

Mike Jablon focuses on Cotiviti’s prospective claim accuracy solutions including Payment Policy Management and Clinical Validation. This involves understanding the changing dynamics of claims editing and applying solutions that ensure accuracy in the complex interchange between providers and payers.




Kristie Ressler, D.O.
Senior Medical Director

Dr. Kristie Ressler is a senior medical director in Cotiviti's content department, with expertise in leading, managing, and providing benefit-driven medical necessity reviews for coverage, case management, and claims resolution; and developing new prospective claims accuracy policies. Before her work with Cotiviti, Dr. Ressler was a double board-certified general and colon and rectal surgeon with 12+ years of direct patient care experience.